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ANC recognized as One of 15 Companies on The Cutting Edge of Modular Construction

Last Updated: August 16, 2023

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In Canada, a housing crisis looms, putting pressure on the construction sector due to material and labor shortages. To address this, modular construction is gaining traction – a method where structures are built off-site in controlled factory settings.

In light of Canada’s pressing housing crisis and the construction industry’s struggles with material and labor shortages, the potential for modular construction emerges as a promising solution. This approach involves constructing buildings off-site under controlled conditions. ANC, alongside 14 other respected modular construction companies, has stepped forward to address this challenge. Led by Andrew Neill, ANC Modular focuses on producing modular units tailored for municipal and government-sponsored affordable housing projects. The company’s standout achievement lies in their patent-pending system, designed to expedite the construction of multi-unit housing within a matter of weeks. This innovation positions ANC Modular at the forefront of alleviating Canada’s housing crisis through efficient and timely construction solutions.

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