ANC Innovating High-Rise Urban Development with Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)

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ANC Group Contributing to a shift in High-Rise Urban Development with Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)

BRANTFORD, October 31, 2023 —  An innovator in modular high-rise construction, ANC Group is contributing to a shift in high-rise, high-density urban development. Recent insights from Planning, BIM, and Construction Today (PBC) and Science Direct have illuminated the path towards a more sustainable and efficient urban construction future through the adoption of MiC methods.

As global urban populations surge, the demand for innovative, sustainable, and time-efficient construction methods has never been more pressing. Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) is emerging as a game-changer, revolutionizing urban construction. “The rapid expansion of urban populations has necessitated the exploration and adoption of innovative, efficient, and sustainable construction methods”- MMC News

Key Insights from PBC and Science Direct:

1. Streamlining Urban Construction: MiC, as highlighted by PBC and Science Direct, entails off-site manufacturing of building components, seamlessly assembled on-site. This method addresses challenges in conventional urban construction, offering time efficiency, waste reduction, enhanced quality control, and reduced environmental impacts compared to on-site construction.

2. Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability: MiC leverages prefabrication, significantly improving construction efficiency. It reduces material wastage, lowers the carbon footprint, and promotes sustainable construction practices—critical in high-density urban environments.

3. Design Flexibility and Scalability: MiC’s design flexibility allows architects to create aesthetically appealing structures with customized dimensions. This innovation makes it possible to efficiently execute projects of all sizes, from residential developments to commercial complexes. However, Science Direct’s research notes that current applications of modular construction in high-rise buildings are limited due to the lack of strong structural systems, often requiring hybrid solutions, making the application costly and labor-intensive.

4. Reducing Construction Time and Improving Safety: By shifting much of the building process to controlled factory environments, MiC minimizes weather-related delays and ensures consistent quality. This approach also leads to enhanced safety and a smaller on-site team, reducing workplace accidents.

5. Sustainable Urban Development: Embracing MiC can lead to faster project completion, better building quality, and more efficient use of space, all crucial for sustainable urban development.

6. Affordable Housing Solutions: MiC offers cost-effectiveness through reduced labor costs and increased productivity, making it a potential solution for affordable housing in high-density urban areas.

7. Infrastructure Revolution: MiC’s streamlined process can revolutionize infrastructure projects in densely populated cities, from transportation systems to utility networks, contributing to improved living standards.

About ANC Group:

ANC Group’s patented high-rise system, with its limitless scalability and tailored engineering solutions, is poised to make a valuable contribution in high-rise construction by empowering engineers and architects with comprehensive design solutions for all environments.

Committed to driving sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective urban development, we stand as a testament to our mission of transforming urban landscapes.

As CEO Andrew Neill aptly put it, “The integration of MiC is not just about building structures; it’s about building the future of our cities. We’re excited to offer a solution in the way of sustainable, innovative, and efficient high-rise urban development.”

By harnessing the power of MiC, ANC Group aims to contribute to sustainable urban development, affordable housing solutions, and infrastructure improvements, all while reducing the carbon footprint of construction activities.

The adoption of Modular Integrated Construction in high-rise, high-density cities is a game-changer, offering significant advantages for vertical urban development.

To delve deeper into this groundbreaking innovation, explore ANC’s specialized “High-Rise Modular” page. It’s your gateway to discovering the countless benefits for engineers and architects dedicated to shaping the future of urban development through MiC methods.