ANC Modular Addresses California’s Housing Affordability Crisis with Innovation

Last Updated: October 2, 2023

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Brantford, Aug 13- The recent Bloomberg report on California’s housing affordability decline highlights the urgent need for creative housing solutions. ANC Modular Inc., is primed to reshape rapid and affordable housing dynamics, offering a potent response to the pressing issue.

Bloomberg’s data underscores the criticality of our mission- to provide a solution not just for California for the global affordable housing crisis. Our modular construction methods enable us to ship fully finished units worldwide, making a significant impact,” says Andrew Neil, President at ANC Modular Inc.

ANC Modular’s provide a glimmer of hope in this challenging landscape. The company’s dedication to sustainability, speed and affordability aligns with the escalating housing challenges.

Our strategic location near the major shipping port in Hamilton, ON allows us to conveniently ship our modular units worldwide, amplifying our impact and reach, “ adds Andrew.

ANC’s Modular division has been a recipient of Canada’s Rapid Housing Initiative, reflecting its commitment to rapid and affordable housing- a global issue.

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About ANC Modular Inc.:

ANC Modular Inc. leads in innovative modular construction, focusing on accelerating housing solutions and promoting affordability. ANC Modular’s dedication to reshaping homeownership aligns with the escalating housing challenges, positioning it as a pioneer offering innovative solutions for accessible homeownership.