ANC Modular Inc Awarded Contract for Skaronhyase’ko:wa Tsyohterakentko:wa Tsi Yontaweya’tahkwa – The Everlasting Tree School

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[Brantford, ON, February 15, 2024] – ANC Modular Inc is proud to announce that it has been awarded the contract for the construction of the Skaronhyase’ko:wa Tsyohterakentko:wa Tsi Yontaweya’tahkwa – The Everlasting Tree School, a trailblazing educational initiative aimed at preserving and revitalizing Kanyen’keha and Rotinonhsonni culture while providing a Waldorf Education curriculum.

The Everlasting Tree School, located in Six Nations, marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind to integrate language and cultural teachings into a modern educational framework. The school has successfully concluded it’s 14th year in operation and prides itself on know that for the first time in 3-4 generations, children at Six Nations will have the opportunity to learn and speak their first words in Kanyen’keha, reconnecting with their cultural roots.

ANC Modular Inc is honored to be selected as the construction partner for this culturally significant project. Utilizing innovative modular construction techniques, ANC Modular Inc will deliver the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

Modular construction offers numerous benefits, including accelerated project timelines, reduced environmental impact, and enhanced flexibility in design and layout. ANC Modular Inc is committed to leveraging these advantages to ensure the timely completion of The Everlasting Tree School while maintaining the integrity of its cultural and educational objectives.

“We are incredibly excited to be part of this transformative project,” said Andrew Neill, Founder & CEO of ANC Modular Inc. “In utilizing modern construction methods, we aim to create a learning environment that not only honors the past but also prepares future generations for success.”

Construction on The Everlasting Tree School is set to begin March 1, with completion expected in September, 2024. The school will consist of 37 Modules Total/ 8000 sf/ 3 Storeys and will transport Complete with MEP & Fully Finished Interiors.

ANC Modular Inc looks forward to collaborating closely with the Six Nations community and project stakeholders to bring this vision to life.

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