ANC Modular’s Monolithic Concrete Envelope: Transforming Fire-Resistant Housing Amidst Wildfires

Last Updated: August 16, 2023

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Brantford, Aug 13- The escalating threat of wildfires demands innovative solutions to protect communities and homes from their devastating impact. ANC Modular Inc., a trailblazer in modular construction, has developed a system with a monolithic concrete envelope- a revolutionary advancement that offers an unparalleled defence against the rapid spread of wildfires and the destruction of combustible structures.

In response to the increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires, ANC Modular’s monolithic concrete envelope emerges as a game-changer. By encasing modular buildings in a resilient concrete shell, this system delivers a host of advantages including exceptional fire resistance, structural integrity exceeding code requirement for fire protection, signalling a leap forward in modular construction. With fire safety ratings of 1-2 hours for standard modulars and 3-5 hours for high-rise systems, the company reinforces it’s commitment to ushering in a safer, more resilient future.

“As the threat of wildfires continues to intensify globally, our commitment to innovation and safety drives us to develop solutions that protect lives and property. Our monolithic concrete envelope system is a testament to our dedication to resilient, efficient and fire-resistant construction.”

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ANC Modular Inc. is a driving force in modular construction, committed to innovation and sustainability. ANC Modular reshapes the landscape of the built environment, as wildfires challenge our world. ANC Modular leads the charge in introducing transformative solutions that safeguard, lives, preserve property and promote resilience.