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Meeting Soaring Demand with New Modular Home Manufacturing Facility, as Showcased in The Brantford Expositor

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Local company ANC is actively addressing the pressing affordable housing crisis in the city by embarking on modular home construction initiatives. Notably, ANC secured a contract for a significant $5.5-million project involving a 25-unit modular housing development on vacant municipal land, alongside a $200,000 “tiny home” endeavour on city-owned property.

With a keen focus on affordable housing to meet local demands, ANC’s efforts align with the city’s exploration of solutions like long-term care facilities. A substantial proportion of those on the waitlist, around 70%, are seniors and single individuals without dependents.
ANC offers a comprehensive range of services, spanning real estate development, construction management, and custom homes. Collaborating with a private developer, ANC successfully transformed the former St. Jude’s Anglican Church into 12 condominiums.

The modular homes, built with steel frames, encompass 330 square feet of space, feature 9 1/2-foot ceilings, a kitchen with a microwave oven, a three-piece bathroom with a shower, a bed, and a cozy sitting area. One notable advantage is their transportability, and they can also be customized to accommodate individuals with physical challenges.

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