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  • I am in the UK and would like to use your High-Rise solution for an upcoming project, do you license your patent?

    Yes, we license our patent and offer comprehensive licensing services […]

  • What quality control measures are in place during the manufacturing and assembly of modular components?

    Our in-house manufacturing facility has a vigorous workflow program in […]

  • Can I subcontract ANC for the fabrication of modular components?

    We leverage our expertise and production capabilities in house by […]

  • What are the similarities between your modular high-rise solution and your standard modular construction method?

    Both systems utilize our steel 3D-volumetric fully finished modulars complete […]

  • What is the main differential in your modular high-rise solution versus your standard modular construction method?

    The main feature of our patented high-rise solution is its […]

  • How does the modular construction methods consider site-specific conditions and environmental factors that can impact the robustness of the structure?

    Our modular construction methods account for site specific conditions and […]

  • How does modular construction impact sustainability and environmental considerations compare to traditional construction.

    Modular construction promotes sustainability through resource efficiency, reduced waste, controlled […]

  • How does the cost of modular construction compare to traditional construction? What factors should be considered when evaluating cost effectiveness.

    Modular construction can offer cost savings due to reduced labour […]

  • How does the timeline for modular construction compare to traditional construction?

    Parallel processes equate to shorter timelines in modular construction when […]

  • What are the benefits and limitations of modular construction compared to traditional construction methods?

    Benefits: Time efficiency, cost savings, quality control, enhanced safety, sustainability, […]

  • Why ANC?

    At ANC, we offer modular building solutions for all your […]