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  • What type of modular homes do you create?

    We produce 3D-volumetric steel frame modular units with fully finished […]

  • Are there any limitations to modular construction?

    The main considerations in modular construction are transportation and logistics, […]

  • How does modular construction affect return on investment for developers ?

    A well-executed modular project has shorter construction timelines, allowing developers […]

  • Is modular construction suitable for projects in challenging locations or remote areas?

    Yes, modular construction can be an ideal solution for projects […]

  • Does modular construction have environmental benefits?

    Yes, modular construction often leads to less waste and reduced […]

  • Can modular construction be used for custom designs and unique architecture?

    Absolutely! Modular construction is not limited in design or architecture. […]

  • How does modular construction ensure better quality control?

    Modules undergo rigorous inspections in the factory, ensuring that each […]

  • Is modular construction more cost-effective than traditional construction?

    Yes, modular construction can be cost-effective due to economies of […]

  • How does modular construction save time during the building process?

    Modular construction allows simultaneous progress on-site and in the factory, […]

  • Why do developers prefer modular construction over traditional methods?

    Developers favor modular construction for several reasons, including it’s speed […]

  • What is modular construction?

    Modular construction, also known as prefabricated or off-site construction, involves […]