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Eliminate conventional formwork on concrete superstructures

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Extraordinary Engineering in our Volumetric Frames

We have the ability to create reinforced poured concrete superstructures without any conventional formwork.

We have the ability to create reinforced poured concrete superstructures without any conventional formwork.

We are all about modular design, construction, fabrication and manufacturing. We are distinguished by our cutting-edge patented technology for high-rise modular construction. Our innovation lies in the strategic implementation of 3D-volumetric steel modules, serving as permanent concrete formwork. This strategic choice effectively streamlines the most labour intensive and cost-overrun-prone aspects of construction timelines. Our approach yields remarkable enhancements in modular efficiency in 98% less time associated with formwork, stripping and curing times. Completing high-rise buildings of all scales in half the time on-site.

the future of modern construction

Discover the Benefits and Advantages for Developers Globally

We offer comprehensive licensing and coordination services for our patented formwork free modular high-rise solution, empowering modular fabricators world-wide to reach new heights!

Are you a developer or modular builder looking for additional information on licensing our patented high-rise solution?

We offer expansion opportunities globally, allowing entrepreneurs and developers the opportunity to establish local operations using our proprietary modular high-rise solution with ongoing support.

We are enthusiastic about exploring local partnership opportunities with construction industry leaders seeking to integrate our proprietary high-rise solution into their projects. Click here to connect.

Our novel approach eliminates the need for formwork on concrete superstructures and significantly reduces onsite hazards. The result is accelerated high-rise modular construction with unparalleled robustness and precision.

By shifting formwork offsite to manufacturing, we minimize onsite worker hazards and eliminate the uncertainties of cost overruns and delays. Experience accelerated construction timelines and enhanced efficiency with our game-changing approach to high- rise modular construction.

Tailor-made solutions for wall thickness, reinforcing, and lateral loads to meet diverse regional codes, with flexible project variability for sound, fire, and structural requirements.

Our durable permanent formwork creates a resilient monolithic concrete envelope eliminating vulnerabilities associated with cold joints.

Our exclusive patented high-rise method offers limitless scalability and is suitable for all high-rise, tall and mega tall concrete super structures with 3D-volumetric viable designs.

Our concrete and reinforced steel superstructures facilitate seamless integration of key infrastructure elements, including mass transit, bridges, water, and sanitation centers providing the most complex designs complete project flexibility.

Eliminating barriers, elevating heights

We have the ability to create reinforced poured concrete superstructures without any conventional formwork.

Engineering Excellence

Extensive testing in disaster prone regions to demonstrate:

  • Resilience in high-seismic activity and high-velocity hurricane zones

  • Increased fire protected
  • Unmatched flexibility in design and resiliency
  • Hurricane Map
  • Seismic Map

Modular services

The collaborative process of modular high-rise development requires close integration of design technology, engineering, and manufacturing – three disciplines that inform one another. We design build, fabricate, manufacture and license our 3D volumetric modules with integrated permanent formwork guiding clients through every step of the process, from fabrication to erection and connection.


We offer licensing services for our proprietary modular design system, providing clients access to advanced tools and resources for seamless coordination.

Design assist

We offer design assist services, collaborating closely with clients’ design teams to seamlessly integrate our tailor-made permanent formwork system. Providing technical expertise and guidance to optimize the design for the construction of concrete super structures.


We invest in the expertise and staff to support the licensing and design assist services, including professionals with knowledge of licensed technologies and design optimization including architects, engineers, and contractors.

Enhanced collaboration

We facilitate collaboration among stakeholders, and act as a central point of coordination to ensure seamless integration of design engineering and manufacturing processes.

Front-Loaded Decision Making

Assist clients in making informed decision in the early stages of the process by providing detailed information on modular fabrication and erection requirements.

Custom Solution

Delivering specialized technical expertise, including modular size parameters, transportation limitations, connection details, and compression considerations with tailored design and engineering solutions for project-specific requirements.

we’re building better

We’re pioneers in the high-rise modular space.

Download our brochure to learn how we’re using our patented technology to build better buildings around the world.

What does ANC specialize in?2023-08-03T22:48:52+00:00

ANC is a modular design build, fabricator, manufacturer, and licensor of patented modular technology designed to accelerate high-rise modular construction productivity globally.

What is them modular high-rise solution offered by ANC?2023-08-03T22:48:48+00:00

The Modular High-Rise Solution is an innovative patented technology that utilizes 3D Volumetric Steel Modules as permanent formwork, streamlining the creation of concrete superstructures. It eliminates the need for traditional formwork removal, leading to accelerated construction timelines and enhanced efficiency.

What are the key benefits of the modular high-rise solution?2023-08-03T22:48:35+00:00

The solution offers unparalleled time savings, enhanced efficiency, cost optimization, and scalability. It minimizes on-site work hazards, eliminates uncertainties of cost overruns and delays, and provides a resilient alternative in regions prone to natural disasters.

What sustainability practices does ANC follow?2023-08-03T22:45:18+00:00

ANC follows forward-thinking sustainability practices, including waste management, reduced carbon emissions, renewable energy use, and water and wastewater strategies. The aim is to protect the environment and enhance the well-being of the communities they we serve.

What services does ANC provide to clients?2023-08-03T22:45:34+00:00

ANC offers comprehensive licensing & coordination services for our patented formwork-free modular high-rise solution. This includes licensing, design assist, consulting, enhanced collaboration, front-loaded decision making, and customization to meet project -specific requirements.

How does ANC’s formwork-free approach enhance high-rise construction?2023-08-03T22:46:00+00:00

By utilizing 3D-volumetric steel modules as permanent formwork, ANC’s approach eliminates the need for traditional formwork removal, leading to increased construction speed, precision, and flexibility. It also minimizes on-site work hazards and uncertainties.

Who can benefit from ANC’s services?2023-08-03T22:46:21+00:00

Architects and developers seeking to adopt modular efficiency and speed in the high-rise landscape can benefit from ANC’s High-Rise Solution. We offer design assisted licensing to all modular fabricators looking to build higher with a single use system.

Where can I find more information about ANC’s services and technology?2023-08-03T22:48:06+00:00

For more information, download ANC’s brochure or get in touch with a team expert to explore Modular High-Rise Solutions for your upcoming projects.

Partner with the leading high-rise modular builder

We are interested in partnering with general contractors interested in high-rise developments and construction opportunities.

License our tech and accelerate your next modular project

We provide architects and developers with design- assisted licensing, delivering region specific engineered modular solutions for concrete high-rise and superstructures, emphasizing sustainability to benefit the environment and communities we serve.

Our proprietary high-rise building solution is licensed with specific terms and conditions allowing authorized use of our cutting-edge construction technology to seamlessly integrate our method into your modular projects.

Let’s shape the future of construction together

Revolutionize your construction projects with our cutting-edge modular technology. Experience faster, safer and higher-quality builds while enjoying streamlined project management.

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