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ANC’s Innovation Garners Recognition from Modular Building Institute: A Revolutionary Leap in Rapid Building Construction

Last Updated: November 6, 2023

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We are excited to share that ANC’s pioneering approach to construction, featuring the revolutionary Void Form System, has been recognized by the Modular Building Institute. This ground-breaking technology, developed by ANC Modular Inc, is reshaping the landscape of multi-story housing development timelines.

With ANC’s Void Form System, the traditional months-long construction timeline is reduced to mere weeks, a feat that was once unimaginable. Through the use of stackable modules, concrete superstructures are seamlessly assembled. Concrete is poured into the voids between these modules, eliminating the need for concrete curing and enabling additional layers to be immediately stacked on top.

This ingenious process is amplified by the fact that fully finished modules are constructed off-site while projects undergo review and permit approval. ANC’s system defies conventional building codes in Canada, allowing for construction to proceed concurrently with plan reviews.

Upon permit issuance, modules are ready for stacking and shipping. Once modules are assembled, concrete is poured into the voids, creating a robust structural frame. The incorporation of structural steel elements within each unit empowers the stacking of additional layers prior to concrete curing.

This patent-pending system offers a game-changing solution for rapid mid-rise and high-rise construction. The visionary behind this innovation, Andrew Neill, ANC’s President and CEO, envisions its potential in addressing housing challenges triggered by hurricanes, earthquakes, and conflicts.

The fully-finished modules include insulation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more, with a steel frame that doubles as both structure and concrete form. These modules stack seamlessly, and the steel frames are reinforced with corrugated steel to receive concrete on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

The true brilliance lies in the modules’ capability to support additional layers immediately after concrete pouring—no curing time required. This innovation allows ANC’s system to meet strict structural codes in regions like California and Miami.

ANC’s system circumvents traditional concrete forming methods, resulting in a remarkable 98% reduction in related costs. While some concerns have been raised about excess steel usage, the time and cost savings far outweigh any redundancy.

ANC was established in 2017 by Andrew Neill in Brantford, Ontario. The strategic timing coincided with Canada’s Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI), leading to ANC securing contracts for affordable housing projects in municipalities and indigenous communities.

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