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ANC Modular’s $5.5M Housing Project Progresses: 26 Units Installed for Affordable Housing at 177 Colborne St. W.

Last Updated: August 16, 2023

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ANC Modular, is making significant progress on a $5.5-million modular housing project located at 177 Colborne St. W. The project involves a 26-unit building that reached a crucial milestone this week with the installation of the units.

ANC president Andrew Neill expressed satisfaction with the achievement, highlighting that the units were successfully placed within two working days. The transportation of the modular homes from ANC’s manufacturing plant on Airport Road to the site was the most challenging aspect of the endeavor. In the coming weeks, the focus will shift to adding roofing, siding, and insulation. The four-storey building, owned and operated by the City of Brantford, is projected to be completed before Christmas. These units, catering to applicants with rent geared to their income, are specifically intended for older individuals, constituting 40% of those on a waitlist exceeding 1,700 households. Notably, the demographic facing waits of up to 10 years for affordable housing. Additionally, four of the units will be designed to be barrier-free.

The building’s ground floor is designated for commercial use, further enhancing its community impact. The project’s ground-breaking ceremony was held on September 29.

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