Modular Opportunity with the RIGHT Concrete Mix

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The 2022 Concrete Awards were presented recently in Toronto to recognize the vision and innovation of owners, architects, engineers, contractors and concrete producers that design and construct unique concrete projects in the province.

ANC Modular Inc. has been awarded the 2022 Low Carbon Concrete  Innovation Award. The accolade acknowledges ANC’s pioneering work in sustainable modular construction, primarily through their innovative EvoBuild™ Silver Commercial Mix developed in collaboration with Heidelberg Materials.

This revolutionary low carbon concrete solution offers an extraordinary 50-70% reduction in Global Warming Potential (GWP/m³) compared to industry standards. The EvoBuild™ Silver Commercial Mix enhances constructability, resilience, and sound reduction between floors. Additionally, its lower unit weight makes a positive impact across all stages of the construction life cycle.

ANC Modular Inc.’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond this innovative product. They produce resilient construction materials that support sustainable construction practices, engage in science-based research that drives innovation and delivers long-term results, invest in efficient equipment and cutting-edge technology to reduce energy and water consumption to lead sustainable solutions for the built environment.

ANC Modular Inc. understands the importance of partnering with leading stewards of sustainability like Heidelberg, a company that aims to have 90% of its products with low-carbon emissions and shares a nature positive approach. A shared commitment to a greener, more efficient construction industry.

“We are deeply honored to receive the 2023 Concrete Award for Sustainable Modular Innovation. This award underscores our commitment to advancing modern construction methods with a strong focus on sustainability,” said Andrew Neill, President and CEO of ANC Modular Inc.

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Visit the EvoBuild Product line available to all modular manufacturers through Heidelberg

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