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ANC’s Modular Housing Project Brings Hope and Innovation to Brantford Community

Last Updated: August 16, 2023

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In a heartwarming moment, new tenant Shelley describes her experience at Brantford’s ground-breaking housing development as “a blessing.” The innovative project at 177 Colborne St. West, celebrated in the presence of City of Brantford Mayor Kevin Davis and County of Brant Mayor David Bailey, marks a significant step forward in addressing the pressing need for affordable housing.

The four-story apartment building, featuring 26 studio units with eight fully accessible ones, stands as a testament to ANC Modular Inc.’s modular construction approach. This method not only expedites building by sidestepping weather delays and construction noise but also fosters a sense of community and hope.

Mayor Davis highlights the efficiency of modular housing in swiftly providing affordable solutions to vulnerable citizens. Mayor Bailey praises the collaboration that birthed this innovative response to the housing crisis.

The provincial government’s contribution of $2 million to the $5.5-million project exemplifies the shared commitment to positive change. Tenant Andy’s words reflect the life-changing impact: “I appreciate this place completely. I’ve had a difficult year and now my life is starting to straighten itself out, and so I’m really happy.”

Tenant Linda’s journey from an emergency shelter to her new home exemplifies the transformative power of partnerships and innovative solutions. The ANC-led project offers more than housing; it offers a fresh start and a brighter future for the community.

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