Empowering Skilled Trades: ANC’s Human-Centric Modular Vision

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Highlighting the significance of the impending labor shortages in skilled trades and how these numbers resonate not just locally but globally, affecting the construction industry on an international scale in an impending global housing crisis.

BRANTFORD, November 21, 2023 –According to recent statistics shared by The Globe and Mail, approximately 700,000 skilled trades workers are expected to retire in Canada by 2028. Moreover, the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum forecasts a need for an average of 75,000 new apprentices annually over the next five years.

These numbers not only resonate across Canada but reverberate globally. Labour shortages in skilled trades have emerged as a key driver in the modular market, impacting economies across Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and various Advanced, Emerging, and Eurozone regions. In fact, it stands as the foremost barrier confronting the traditional construction industry worldwide. The WEC forum reported the construction sector as the most  impacted due to shortages by occupation.

ANC Modular, is committed to contributing to the growth of skilled trades professionals globally. Through strategic partnerships with educational institutions and organizations, we actively nurture the development of skilled trades through various programs. We’re actively advancing our ‘Work to Learn’ programs, extending an open invitation to skilled workers worldwide, providing specialized training and immersive experience within our innovative construction environment. By welcoming international talent, we aim to foster the growth and expertise of skilled trades within the modular construction industry.

Prefabricated environments often lean towards automation, ANC Modular prioritizes a people-centric approach.  Our belief is that enhancing the work environment doesn’t compromise output; instead, it elevates it. By blending innovation with a people-first philosophy, we create a complementary relationship where technology empowers our workforce without overshadowing their significance.

Our focus is on creating an environment for skilled trades where people thrive, fostering growth, and enabling the workforce to contribute their best in a safe working environment.

About ANC Group

 ANC maintains a strong emphasis on traditional craftsmanship. While Modern Methods of construction elevate our efficiencies, it’s the hands-on expertise, dedication and refinement in critical areas of prefabricated construction that help us achieve customization to meet specific engineering preferences. ANC’s approach is a balanced fusion of skilled technicians, human expertise and advanced design technologies.  This hands-on approach isn’t just a philosophy; it’s embedded in our culture, fostering an environment where expertise, and innovation converge.